Gir Birding Lodge – Perfect Spot to Spot the Most Alluring Nature’s Stocks!

Dodge the Mundane Humdrum to Lodge with Mother Nature at Gir Forest National Park!

Gir Lions- The Pride of India!

With its rich and diverse flora and fauna, Gir offers you truly natural experiences. Back in history, the forest covers of Gir were famous among the kings and Nawabs of Junagadh for the hunting Gir lion. The Gir forest is famous for its Asiatic lions, which are now endangered species. They are well protected in the area by the efforts of NGOs, activists, and forest departments. With the dedicated work of all these organizations and local people, the population of these lions is increasing gradually.  The 14th Asiatic Lion Census 2015 recorded a total of 523 lions; this number was 411 and 359 in the years, 2010 and 2005, respectively. The increment is good news for all of us!

Ultimate Fun and Enjoyment 

At this thrilling Gir Forest National Park (also known as Sasan Gir), you can spot many Asiatic Lions in their natural habitats. Seeing the pride of lions and their families is a unique experience. You can join various Jeep Safari and Lion Safari under experienced instructors and naturalists. The instructors know the points where you can find these Gujarat Lions without a miss. You can also book your Safari slots at Gir Safari booking through the online page of Once here, you can spot various wild animals and birds at the Gir. The forest en-houses many reptiles, leopards, chitals, sambars, deer, and birds! There are over 450 plant species, 310 birds, 24 reptiles, 32 mammals, and more than 2,000 species of insects in the vast Gir National Park.

Seeds of the Dream!

The large establishment is a brilliant idea of turning barren land into a natural heaven. Joined by the Tacon Infrastructure, it took around two decades to transform the area. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to stay at the luxury accommodations, enjoy wildlife photography, temple visits, cooking lessons, and picnics. Altogether, it’s an excellent and recharging experience.

Disconnect to Connect!

Apart from all these exposures, you get the unique experience with the following too:

  • Homemade Indian food
  • In-house history library on nature
  • Hatha Yoga & wellness programs

There is nothing more pleasing and calming than connecting with nature in the present fast-paced world. With the unstoppable

use of technology, ever-in-our-hands Smartphones, laptops and social networking; you are always preoccupied with the external world. There is simply no stoppage and check. You never have time for your body and soul. All these factors make in a good reason for you to hang out at such natural places. You need to disconnect yourself from all these noises, turmoil and chaos of modern life. Spending time at those locations in the lap of nature can drain away all the anxiety and stress that keeps storing inside you for a long time. These beautiful experiences are going to turn you into a more creative, more energetic and all the more active person.