Mangoes are truly the kings of fruit, and if you agree with this, then you will undoubtedly enjoy celebrating Gujarat's famous mango festival. If you are as in love with mangoes as we are, then attending this festival and indulging your taste buds with those juicy and fresh mangoes is a must!

The summer season is the best time to rejoice as it is the time to take part in the festival, perhaps the most popular. As the name of the event suggests, the Mango Festival is an enthusiastic celebration of the King of Fruits.
The wonderful Mango Festival is to be held at Gir Birding Lodge, an ecolodge in Sasan Gir, Junagadh famous as the “World of Asiatic Lions”. This three-day festival, held in the month of May, is a major attraction among tourists.

The festival is organized with the goal of promoting Saurashtra's local Kesar mango variety among national and international tourists. While you enjoy various mango varieties, you can also take part in many activities that are scheduled during the festival. 

AIM of the Event
To educate the participants on the importance of Flora & Fauna, Responsible Tourism, the Importance of Organic food, and Respect for Nature.

KESAR Mango is a well-known mango variety of GUJARAT, local to the Junagadh region, and is popular among GUJARATIs and Mango Lovers around India. Visitors who think mangoes only come in five or six varieties will be surprised to learn that Gujarat has over 60 varieties of mangoes!

That’s why we say ‘Gir Mein Jo Aam Hain…… Woh Khaas Hai’




  • History of Kesar Mangoes, how they were cultivated by Saleh Bhai and named by the Nawab.
  • Alike Lions, Kesar is the King of Mangoes (similarities on how they excel)
  • History and importance of Gir, the land of Mangoes and Lions


  • Relationship of Birds with Mangoes (a naïve feeding of the importance of Birds)
  • Relationship of Mammals with Mangoes (a naïve feeding of the importance of Mammals)
  • Relationship of Gir climate with Mangoes (a naïve feeding of Climate change)
  • Influence of Mangoes on Textile & Traditional Wall Paintings (sharing on culture & folklore)
  • Importance of Organic Fruits and Vegetables (a naïve feeding of the importance of Organic food)
  • Participants write a 2-page essay on ‘Mangoes’ about their personal experiences and thoughts)


  • Sketching & drawing related to Mangoes
  • Hide N Seek game with Mango (Winner gets a Mango Hamper)
  • Mango ‘Treasure Hunt’ game (Looking for hidden mangoes with hints provided)
  • Mango wrapping game (Soft feeding on ways to store ripen the unripened mangoes)
  • Mango Word Game (Writing maximum words with the word ‘Aam’ in it)
  • Mango Photography (occupying minds with innovations & ideas)
  • Mr. or Miss Mango (Photography session through a peek hole in a 4 feet Thermocol Mango shape cutout standee)
  • Botanical Walk in the GBL premises (a naïve feeding of the importance of plantation)
  • Cooking classes
  • Light music and dance show
  • Mango eating competition


  • Screening presentation on different breeds of Mangoes in India
  • A documentary on Gir and Asiatic Lions (It is necessary to focus on Lions as people come to stay at GBL with an intent to see lions)
  • One presentation on ‘Asian Adventures’ and their ventures through the perspective of conservation.


  • One Sasan Gir National Park Jeep Safari
  • One Exclusive Mango Safari (A walk In and around GBL premises focused on Mango orchards)
  • One Walking Night Trail (Providing experience on the dark side of the wilderness, also showing crocodiles with torches at the river)

At the end of the event, the participants will be gifted with a Kesar Mango Sapling as a Return Gift.

How to Reach Mango Festival
Gir Birding Lodge is  Next to Gate No.2, Gir National Park. Gir is the only reserve to view the magnificent Asiatic Lion.


  • Rajkot to Gir National Park: 3½ hour drive
  • Bhavnagar to Gir National Park: 5-hour drive
  • Diu to Gir National Park: 3-hour drive
  • Ahmedabad to Gir National Park: 8-hour drive

FLIGHTS: Flights are available to Rajkot, Bhavnagar & Diu from Mumbai. Ahmedabad is a major hub connected with important cities in India. It is also an International Airport.


By Air: The nearest airport with connectivity to Delhi is Ahmedabad about 390 km from the lodge and the drive takes about seven to eight hours depending on the number of stops en route.

By Train: There are trains to Rajkot and then the drive of about 164 km takes three to four hours.
FROM MUMBAI: Mumbai has direct flights to Diu Airport, about 112 km from the lodge, and both flights and trains to Rajkot, 164 km from the lodge.

FROM AHMEDABAD: There are trains to Junagadh, 60 km from Gir, or Veraval, 40 km from Gir, and the drive takes about 1½ hour from either. There are also trains and buses to Sasan, near the lodge, from Junagadh / Veraval. Transport can be arranged at an additional cost.