Gir is the home of the Maldharis, a term used for the many Hindu and Muslim pastoral groups of the area. The Maldhars live in traditional settlements called nesses and tend Jafrabadi buffalos, Gir cows, and other livestock. Some of them also have camels, sheep, and goats. Among the best-known pastoral groups of Gir is the Sorathi Rabari.

Siddis are a community with African origins. Believed to have come from African countries as mercenaries, slaves, and labor, the Siddis grew to become powerful generals, some of them even became rulers. In Gir, there are villages of the Siddis, who are well known for their dances and other performances, and Nagarshi Pir at Jhambur nearby is a major shrine for the Siddi community.

Gir Packages

  1. Gujarat Wildlife and Culture Trip 3N/D
  2. Wildlife And Heritage of Gujarat 4N/5D
  3. Temple and Wildlife Tour 4N/5D
  4. Great Saurashtra Triangle Tour 5N/6D
  5. Nawab, Lions and Lord Krishna of Gujarat 6N/7D
  6. Jewels of Rural Gujarat 9N/10D
  7. Gujarat Handicrafts & Textile Tours 9N/10D