On your prior intimation, Gir Birding Lodge can arrange resident naturalist to accompany you for a personalized jeep safari. Our expert naturalists will take you to explore the remote parts which are unknown to most, hidden in the magical corners of the park. They will introduce you to its rich bio-diversity, from the majestic Lion to a shy funnel-web spider, with the fine details of the natural world.

We customize our Safaris keeping guests in mind and balance that with an opportunity to visit different parts of the park. Our 4×4 jeeps are crafted to effortlessly maneuver through the dirt tracks, grasslands and hilly terrain, and our local naturalists are trained very well in advance to make your experience more memorable. Through their local network and experience, your chances of sightings of a rare species increases. Our trained and experienced drivers may take you in search of lion, leopard, and other wildlife in the Gir National Park.

We advise you to book your safaris in advance with us. You can check details directly at http://girlion.in/. We are glad that Safaris are in great demand and people loving it, but currently, we are able to offer the booking through the website only. Once your tickets are booked you may book the 4WD vehicle with us. In effect, you will pay for the safari ticket, the 4WD vehicle, and the fee for the guide who will be assigned to accompany you from the forest department.

Kindly note that as per the guidelines from the forest department, the park remains closed and there are no safaris on the festive day of Holi.