Dining Hall: We Serve Quality Meals That Are Well-balanced

The Orchard Hall serves as a perfect spot to get together and share a feast and stories. Be during the day or night when it can turn into a cozy place for stargazing.

Surrounded by orchards, it offers Indian buffet menu meals. Usually, traditional Indian veg and non-veg meals are served while maintaining a very moderate level of spices and chilly so that anyone from across the globe can savor the food. If you still find the food hot, please convey the same to our team. They will ensure the food is as per to your taste and preferences.

Nutritionally balanced meals, fresh juices, and light smoothies are the treats you can look forward to detoxing your system.

A la carte meals are also available, if informed in advance. Guests can also have the meals served in the cottage veranda or the rooms or have packed meals for safari or walks, by informing in advance.

For the more adventurous ones, we also offer impromptu cooking lessons or exchange of recipes with our cooks.

While we stock a limited selection of beverages at the lodge, we do not allow alcohol as Gujarat is a dry state. All beverages are chargeable.

Safe to drink, filtered water is readily available for drinking.

With a commitment towards environmental conservation, we discourage the use of pre-packaged food items and bottled water as it adds to pollution and puts an additional financial and logistical burden of carrying the waste back to the town for proper disposal.

The guests may get their own food items and are required to take away as much non-biodegradable material with them.

While you enjoy your meals during your stay, please let us know in advance if you would carry packed meals on your return journey.

Bon appétit!